Language/Frameworks: C++/VDK/Gtk+

Platform: Linux

Developed: 1998-2000

License: GPLv2 or newer

Download: langdrill_0.2.1-2.tar.gz

My very first open source program, developed while I was in Japan, between 1998 and 2003. The download link above points to the last version of langdrill written by me.

As of 2016, langdrill is still available in Debian and Ubuntu. You probably want that version, as it has been updated many times since I've stopped working on it.

Langdrill is a helper for testing your foreign language vocabulary. It uses GTK+ toolkit and VDK (a C++ wrapper arround GTK+). It is similar with JavaDrill.

Support for displaying Japanese characters is included. For this, Japanese fonts must be installed on your system, for instance the xfonts-intl-japanese package.

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